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Quinta do Cruzeiro, a unique Portuguese vineyard surrounded by the mountains of the Dão region.

One of the many Portugal’s vineyards is in the Dão region, one of the oldest and full of history regions of our country. Discover the history of our vineyard: Quinta do Cruzeiro.

Quinta do Cruzeiro is the name that designates several “terroirs” in the eleven plots surrounded by forest and olive trees that belonged to the same family, from remote times and throughout the centuries.

Quinta do Cruzeiro’s wine vocation is lost in its foundation: there is evidence of an even more far-reaching excellence in the wine that has always been produced here, or in the memory of the oral tradition that goes back to the lager of the vineyard of the Cipreste (from Casa da Balsa) which makes us dream about the middle age – or even more ancient, the Roman civilization that the Roman citadel next door in Mangualde attests.


Quinta do Cruzeiro is an example of the true biodiversity ecosystem of our country, located on a plateau surrounded by mountains, with pine and olive trees.

Julia Kemper Wines started and continues its production on this Portuguese vineyard to provide some of the best organic wines. In 2008, the first wines hit the market and immediately conquered the recognition from critics, with its combination of originality, character, elegance and structure.

If you are interested in vineyard tourism, schedule a visit, or organize an event at our estate in the Dão wine region, one of the oldest in Portugal. Don’t forget to visit our online wine store too!



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