Best Portuguese wines – Gifts with unforgettable flavour

While counting the days to the end of a year that turned out to be abrupt and brutally atypical, wish lists are made, long-delayed meetings are planned, hugs are waiting to be given, suspended kisses are longed for and it’s clear that what really matters are our affections and experiences, our loves, our friends and the moments we spend with them. Things that we have always been told about, but that have now gained in importance and have a painful ring of truth. More than at any other Christmas, we want to toast life and our loved ones, all of us. Such a long-awaited toast requires time and dedication so that we do not fail in its selection, in the wishes that we will associate with it and in the hope  that they will be heard and fulfilled. A toast that we have long promised would be the best of all. The best in the world. With the best Portuguese wines, of course, and about those Julia Kemper knows a a thing or two.

Christmas’ wishes

At the time of the family reunion, we imagine a rich, beautiful and indulgent table for everyone, with pure cotton towels or rough, wild linen, where the ruby ​​reflections of a good red or the gold of a bold white will flow. Wines with a past and stories to tell, organic wines in harmony with nature. Nectars nurtured with care and produced by means of sustainable cultures and biodynamic ingenuity, in total respect for the environment, where the only additives are love, dedication and ancestral knowledge, inherited and perpetuated over generations. A recipe that goes well with Christmas, with this Christmas, where one feels like offering natural, hand-crafted, and passion-made things, the only ones that now seem worthy of the spirit of family unity. Gifts that we can all share at the table, where we imagine ourselves all together and happy, even listening to the old stories of the elders and the invented adventures of the youngest. The best Portuguese wines still rhyme with the end of the year, celebrations, beginnings and new paths, such as those that await us in 2021, a year overwhelmed with the enormous responsibility of making us forget 2020.

The best organic wines

For all this we feel like talking about what is ours, what is home-grown, what comes out of our hands and about which we can talk for many Christmases to come, always with new vigour and redoubled enthusiasm, since we are proud to have some of the best national organic wines, recognized all over the world. To surprise and be surprised and without having to abandon the comfort of the sofa – the online store is very intuitive and user-friendly – check Julia Kemper’s wine list and complete your Christmas list, choosing the wine cellar for the festivities, family lunches and dinners and even that special wine to offer to friends and family. A good wine, shared in the best of company, is a passport to a memorable sensory experience and that nothing in the world can change. Offering a wine is like sharing a secret. A kind of complicity with even greater significance among connoisseurs or true wine lovers.

Julia Kemper wines for your Christmas list, but not only

In Julia Kemper’s wine cellar you will find extra reasons to celebrate. Still in doubt? Take a look at our ‘shop window’, where you will find some of the best Portuguese wines.


Julia Kemper Vinhas Selecionadas

Julia Kemper Reserva Tinto

Julia Kemper Curiosity Tinto

JK Elpenor Tinto

JK Elpenor Reserva Tinto

Julia Kemper Touriga Nacional

Julia Kemper Aragonez

Syrah by Julia Kemper


Julia Kemper Branco

Julia Kemper Reserva Branco

Julia Kemper Curiosity Branco

JK Elpenor Blanc de Noir


JK Elpenor Rosé


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