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Never before has the world changed so much and so quickly, in a large, hurried and constant pace, in a direction that is still unknown. Things we can only imagine, but that soon surpass imagination. A feeling heightened by the times of science fiction that we seem to live in while experiencing this pandemic moment, when health measures confine the planet, changing the street traffic to the avenues of the internet . Our world, even more so than that of millennials and centennials, has long been circulating in virtual mode, but cyberspace has inexorably now become the mainstream of any and all human activity. A new channel that has long since destroyed consumer insecurities and fears. There’s no going back and this is also noticeable. The direct sale of products was one of the first to capture the message and decrypt the needs of new consumers and urgently establish itself in online stores. Practical, comfortable, rigorous and fast, this new market speeds up the search, allows you to visit more stores than your legs would manage in a single hour, makes comparisons possible, to consult reviews and ensure delivery directly to the consumer, whatever your address, anywhere on the planet. It guarantees the same security as a face-to-face purchase, includes returns, promotions and the greatest perks: you can do it with the ease of a smartphone or laptop, wherever and at any time. Another unmatched advantage is that in this online shopping megacentre, stores are open 24/7, every day of the year.

The future has already arrived, even for products as traditional and linked to the land as wine, one of the products that has best known how to adapt to any trend in the markets, to any whim of man. That future made present was established online and was largely driven in the Covid-19 era by increasing online sales like never before.

With Christmas coming…

… And with New Year’s Eve just around the corner, first and last-minute gifts can now be planned with care or resolved without a heartbeat by half a dozen clicks, no more. And that is true even if you plan to buy Portuguese wine. A special bottle for Dad? That sophisticated wine for Mom or an excellent year to celebrate good news? No drama, no rush, everything is now literally in your hands. Where a smartphone fits, the whole world fits. Intuitive, accessible, practical and uncomplicated, the Julia Kemper online wine store – where you can buy some of the best Portuguese wines – offers award-winning wines from a glorious wine cellar with its roots and heart in the Dão region. If you need help, some filters will guide you where you want to go, or offer suggestions, based on different types of wine ordering: by default, popularity, average rating, most recent or by price, in ascending or decreasing order.

In addition to the brief description of each wine provided on Julia Kemper’s wine store page, be sure to consult all the information the website provides including the profile of each wine, its tasting notes, food pairing suggestions, temperature at which it should be served, analysis, awards and distinctions received, as well as practical and useful information for any connoisseur, such as the dishes and cheeses that best ‘match’ each flavour. this is a rigorous manual, which will serve as a good guide for those who are undecided or confirm the opinion of experts.

Still having doubts? Want more information? You can always contact the experts by email or phone, available on the website itself.

Never before has it been so easy to surprise someone on their birthday or choose that special and unforgettable gift. You just need a wifi network, of course! And good taste, since you now know where to find this virtual wine shop. It only remains for us to wish you many good reasons and occasions to celebrate with Portuguese wine.

Speaking of Christmas, have you prepared your list yet? It’s about time.

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