A unique Enotourism experience in Portugal! Vineyard tourism in the Dão region and wine tasting experiences at our embassy in Lisbon!

Our wine tourism intends to present our Wine to wine lovers: to all who move and are enchanted with wine, in an unique and exquisite wine tasting experience in Portugal. Our enotourism programs in Portugal also serves those who did not think to like it, but they showed up at our wine cellar in Oliveira-Mangualde, Dão for a vineyard tourism experience or at our Embassy in Príncipe Real, Lisbon. To all we tell the very old story of wine making by our ancestors. Our wine tourism programs include food and wine tasting.

In addition to our Enotourism programs in Portugal and wine tasting experiences in Lisbon, you can count with the help of the Julia Kemper Wines team to organize events on the vineyard. You just need to contact us first and tell us your ideas for the event.

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Are you interested in living a unique wine tourism experience in Portugal – in the Dão region or in Lisbon – and find out the stories and the world of Julia Kemper Wines? To do so, just fill out the following form, indicating the kind of event you want and its specifications, so that we can organize it with all the rigor. Besides booking, you can also contact us to clarify any doubts. We’re waiting for you! 

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