Good Portuguese wines – A difficult, rich and varied choice

Considering the country’s size and geographical area, soil characteristics and topography, the extreme climatic conditions from north to south, even more temperamental in the islands, Portugal is certainly one of the countries in the world with one of the most notable, varied and fruitful wine productions. From any piece of land we learn to make good wines. Very good wines! The powerful Douro ones, the rich and fruity Alentejo wines and the soft, refreshing reds with notes of acidity from Dão are just some examples of the diversity and quality, associated with terrains and climates as distinct as they are demanding. Native grape varieties – more than 280 native varieties that are not found anywhere else in the world – thousands of years in the art of making wine, witnessed by the Roman Empire itself, the oldest demarcated region in the world and the resilience of a knowledgeable people, who are not frightened by hardship or storms, results in an impressive wine heritage, which is now beginning to become well-known across borders.


We are not the only ones to say it, experts are also talking about this

“I find Portugal to be a country of extremes – in terms of landscape and climate, rock and heat – and yet her most talented winegrowers can produce liquid to refresh from even the harshest conditions. I did taste some very good wines that included international varieties in a blend, but I was most excited by those made from indigenous varieties that could not have come from anywhere but Portugal. Such diversity allied to quality that still leaves a lot to discover. I only hope that some of these most Portuguese of Portuguese wines will become more widely available around the world.” These are the words of the British Master of Wine Julia Harding, the world-renowned author and Jancis Robinson website’s editor, given in 2012, in an interview for Catavino website. Since then, good Portuguese wines, and there are many, have conquered the international stage, become better known, disseminated and sought after worldwide, taking the leap that Harding spoke of. We are talking about awards and references in specialized publications, of course, but we are also talking about a more widespread offer capable of reaching markets all over the world and new consumers who are already looking out for our wines by name.


Organic and responsible production

Portugal has long ceased to be known only for Port or Madeira wines, which had in the English their most loyal ambassadors. Today, the world recognizes the quality and prestige of good Portuguese wines, born from native grape varieties such as Touriga Nacional or Tinta Roriz, among many others. The Douro itself, an excellent calling card with its intense reds, stands side by side with other regions of the country. One of the most promising and frequently awarded is the Dão region, land of granite mountain ranges, where the Touriga Nacional grape variety originates, along with some of the best and most elegant Portuguese wines. It offers a level of excellence in which Julia Kemper wines, created in the Dão region, have long been prominent. With centuries of family expertise in the noble art of transforming grapes into wine, the weather for exceptional harvests and a land in tasting pleasures, Julia has added environmentally-responsible production, investing in organic and vegan wines, created and cherished by natural, organic and biodynamic agriculture, to make a conscious contribution to the necessary balance of biodiversity. Dedication, passion and respect for the land and Earth – not just Dão, but the Planet itself – are serious watchwords and have been incorporated from the beginning to the end of the process of cultivation and production of Julia Kemper’s wines. With  expertise in one hand, and  love for what is done and how it is done in the other,  the result is some of the best Dão wines, which carry medals won with merit and honesty. Wines that respect, honour and elevate Portugal, a country in whose veins wine runs, good quality wine.


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