Good Portuguese Wines – proof of character

Julia and the wine

Portuguese wines, internationally recognized as among the best in the world, live up to the ancestral descriptions of this nectar, which is said to belong to the Gods. They possess a rich, ritualized and sacred history, a magic potion with the power to gather people together, to accompany victories and events, the one with whom they commemorate love and celebrate life. Contracts are sealed with it and friendships are established. This mystical heritage is now being shaped in Portugal by new names, including a unique woman: Julia Kemper. By her hand, several chapters have already been written, inspired by the unique range of distinctive Portuguese wines, which carry medals and passion in the heart. These are wines that would delight the gods, both for their taste and because they honor the ancestral principle of listening and understanding Nature, without controlling or taming it, involving ingenious, but authentic and emotionally committed ways of working, aspiring to do well and better.

Nature and wine

This is a path that has been followed by Julia Kemper wines. Hers are wines with character, distinct and distinctive, elegant, with delicious acidity, floral and delicate aromas and superb textures; wines of an unusual quality, recognized nationally and worldwide. They are a great feat for those who live outside Olympus and are committed to  sustainable and organic agriculture and production, purist, without artifices other than knowledge and appreciation for Nature, without adding chemicals or additives. Knowledge and intuition are given their place and take charge over the entire journey from vine to wine. Along the way, the wise hand of Man, in this case of Woman, guided by a solid family background, linked for generations to wine production, and perhaps, to some of the Gods’ secrets. Production is based on typical grape varieties from the Dão region, where this rich piece of Portuguese wine history is played out. Julia Kemper’s motto is to take truly simple and meaningful things: “Dedication, Passion and Respect for the Land.” The quality of a good wine will be created out of many other things, including terroir and techne, of course, but exceptionality is only achieved when there is commitment to work, love for what is done and consideration for the generosity and wisdom of Nature. Nobility and elegance are made out of this type of matter, are born of this type of commitment, of genuineness. They are a ‘spice’ for which Julia Kemper has a master’s hand.

Gods and wine

The mystical content of wine, its own divine origin and character and its almost cathartic function are lost in time and in the memory of history. Mythology even attributed a God to wine and, why not, to hedonists. Dionysus for the Greeks, Bacchus for the Romans. Rituals perpetuated by Christianity, where wine symbolizes blood and life. Forever, it seems, wine and winemaking have been treated with seriousness and dedication. The result of this alchemy, which makes it possible to improve its quality, is appreciated with devotion and an almost justified religiosity. There is a seasonal ritual that accompanies the rhythms of the land and, thus, of the divinities that command everything. This ritual is tirelessly respected and, in the Dão region, results in exceptional wines. Julia Kemper wines, for whom, being good is not enough. It has to be extraordinary. After all, it is necessary to satisfy not only the palates of men, but also of the Gods.

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