High class wines – Prestige that is earned

High class. Synonymous with luxury, quality, refinement, elegance, superb. The quality of what is extraordinary and superior. Rarity. Something that because of its complexity, slowness and even unpredictability, difficulty or rarity in obtaining, producing or manufacturing deserves special appreciation. Unique, distinctive, incomparable or familiar from an elite group that brings together exceptional characteristics. All of this is luxury and to all of this is added the appreciation, love and desire that is placed in something. Something where the will to experiment, have or enjoy is valued above all else.

It all starts in the land, in the grape and in man

This broad rich category of refinement includes high class wines. A level of elected officials where unique characteristics and singularities that are difficult or impossible to reproduce or assimilate are handled with skill. Luxury or high class wines are scarce, exuberant wines, from a recognized source of quality, from raw materials of unquestionable superiority, from an exceptional producer, dedicated to the ‘confection’ of unique, complex, refined and unrepeatable flavours. Premium, ultra premium, high class and luxury are designations that attribute seals of quality and exceptionality to iconic wines, resulting in handcrafted microproductions, rare quality harvests and miraculous alchemy. Not to mention the vagaries of the weather in any given year. A patchwork, an intricate puzzle in which everything has gone well and where there is no shortage of other riches: the artisan’s love and passion, the skill of the transforming hand and even divine intervention, or something so laudable that it is perceived as such.

A case of haute couture

The true luxury segment of high class wines is measured by strict quality parameters, which include Julia Kemper wines, created in the Dão and made with passion. Passion for the land, the vineyard, the winemaking and the care of the vine. The richness of a wine, or of a specific year, starts from the quality of the grapes, the characteristics of the varietal, the terroir’s Midas touch, human intuition when handling it, the knowledge born of experience that determines when to harvest and how, its production techniques and accurate knowledge in the cellar.

Luxury wines are the haute couture of wine production, they come close to handicrafts, to which valued and exceptional singularities are attributed, such as dedication, deep knowledge of the métier, the execution time they require and the passionate improvement of each detail. Julia Kemper wines fit this laborious and meticulous concept of exclusivity and prestige. They are created from this know-how, using environmentally-friendly methodologies that guarantee sustainable agriculture. More than that, they are the product of a whole philosophy of respect and equal sharing with the environment, which is venerated to the point of genuinely and consciously opting for natural agriculture, essentially biological and biodynamic, where all elements are called upon to intervene. To this, Julia Kemper adds more than 400 years of family tradition in her knowledge of the land, grapes and wine.

Luxury is conquered

Quality is a subjective factor, a personal assessment, a sensory result, which is tested on the palate, some will say. This is true, but without the right ingredients, and without each one taken to the highest level, this desired outcome is hard to achieve. According to experts and lovers – wine is subject to passions – there are basic criteria that define the cataloging of high class wines. Harmony, balance, complexity and the ability to age are distinguishing features of these rich wines which, for this very reason, are considered extraordinary, worthy of moments as exceptional as the qualities that are recognized for them.

One cannot simply claim the title of high class wine, and proclaim or impose it a priori. Luxury is a designation that a wine earns from its peers and experts. And when it comes to achievements and prestige, Julia Kemper high class wines continue onwards and upwards to rank amongst the best in the world. Now, that’s high class!

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