In the Enchanted Rhythm of Christmas: Julia Kemper Reserva Tinto, Codfish, and Love at the Table

This Christmas, let’s embark on an enchanted journey to the heart of Dão, where the magic of the season intertwines with ancestral traditions at the table. In a backdrop of vineyards adorned in winter cloaks, the dinner comes to life, weaving a narrative of codfish, wine, and precious memories.


The Magic of Codfish and Heartfelt Recipes


Codfish, the star of our Christmas traditions, takes on a new dimension this Christmas. We’ll share codfish recipes that are true expressions of love at the table. From the comforting simplicity of “Bacalhoada” to the engaging sophistication of baked cod with cornbread, each dish is an expression of affection.


Julia Kemper Reserva Tinto: A Toast to Love and Tradition


To accompany this unique culinary experience, let’s toast with Julia Kemper Reserva Tinto, a wine that is not just a drink but an expression of elegance and history. This wine is part of the icons of 2011, a year that gave rise to something truly special.


At the Table with Julia Kemper: Where Love is the Main Ingredient


At the Christmas dinner table, stories are shared, contagious laughter echoes, and familial warmth prevails. Julia Kemper Reserva Tinto, with its complex aromas and unparalleled personality, transforms each toast into a moment of pure magic.


Celebrate Christmas, Celebrate Love


We invite everyone to celebrate Christmas with hearts full of love, at a table filled with dishes that tell stories, and with Julia Kemper Reserva Tinto elevating every flavor. This Christmas, toast to tradition, to family, and to the love savored in every detail.


Suggested Codfish Recipes to Brighten Your Christmas, accompanied by an iconic Dão wine – Julia Kemper Reserva Tinto:



Bacalhoada à Portuguesa



Bacalhau com Broa

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