Julia Kemper wines distinguished recognised by the website of Jancis Robinson, Queen’s Elizabeth cellar advisor

Experts, connoisseurs and lovers of wine – all those who are truly enthusiastic about the wine world and who believe the entire wine production process is a serious matter and that good wine deserves celebration, laurels and honours – will be very familiar with the name of the Brit Jancis Robinson, world expert and face of various television programs about wine, whose presentations will need no introduction. She was the first person outside the wine industry to win the difficult and exclusive title of Master of Wine (MW), an honour supplanted perhaps by a much more high-profile one: Jancis, who holds the title of Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE), is one of the advisers of the royal cellars of Elizabeth II (of the United Kingdom). However, and because any article that deserves the name must be able to explain to each and every reader, we will give you all the necessary prior information so that Jancis Robinson’s appreciation of Julia Kemper wines assumes its due importance and will not be seen as a mere positive criticism to add to all the distinctions that Julia Kemper wines have won around the world.

We can start by making a precious correction in the eyes of Jancis, who does not regard herself as a wine critic, but rather as someone who writes about wines. And she writes a lot: daily on her website www.jancisrobinson.com, considered by many to be a must-read for anyone who wants to keep abreast of what’s going on in the wine world; weekly for the Financial Times; and she is also the author and co-author of some specialist books (The World Atlas of Wine, Wine Grapes and also the practical guide The 24-Hour Wine Expert), described as essential reading in the passionate and captivating world of wine. Among them, The Oxford Companion to Wine, now in its fourth edition, is one of her most quintessential works, considered by the American newspaper Washington Post as “The greatest wine book ever published”. A feat she shared with Julia Harding, one of the heavyweights of the Jancis Robinson website experts team, who also holds the distinctive title of Master of Wine, and is co-author of the award-winning and Wine Grapes and The Oxford Companion to Wine mentioned above. It was Julia Harding, voted Portuguese Wine Writer of the Year in 2012, who again raised the bar for Julia Kemper wines, giving them marks of excellence.

Julia Kemper White Encruzado 2017 (Rated 17+), Julia Kemper Touriga Nacional 2012 (Rated 17), JK Elpenor Reserva Red 2014 (Rated 17) and Julia Kemper Reserva Red 2011 (Rated 17.5) are the four representatives of this Dão winery to ascend to the most distinguished wines podium, according to ‘Master’ Julia Harding of the very demanding JancisRobinson.com.

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