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Julia Kemper Wines launches new website: discover our world!

Our passion for the wines we produce and for the good service have led us to rethink how we communicate with all our customers and how we present our work, our vineyards, our region – Dão – and all the products and services we have for you.

That’s how the new Julia Kemper Wines website came to be: a place where we met with you to tell you the history of a family linked to wine since ancient times, bringing you closer to an organic production of wines of a different quality. In addition to bringing you to know the philosophy and history behind the production of Julia Kemper wines, we also wanted to innovate the way we present the characteristics of each wine so that you can almost feel it in your mouth even before you taste it!

What’s new on the Julia Kemper Wines website?

The new format of our website intends to renew the way Dão wines are discovered and experienced.

Let’s embark on this trip together and know all that Julia Kemper Wines has to offer?

The soul of Julia Kemper wines

One of our main goals with the creation of a new website was to make you know the soul of the region and the terroirs where our wines are produced.

It was with this purpose that we described how we grow the vineyard, the place where we make it – the Dão region -, our Cellar in Oliveira-Mangualde, which characterizes the Kemper Family, and how we turn the crops into incredibly elegant wines.

The wine experience

Since each of our wines has its own specific characteristics, we wanted to present to you the origin, character and characteristics of our main grape varieties, so that you can easily identify which wines are best for your palate, desires and events.

As such, you will be able to know the Julia Kemper wines to the smallest detail, discovering their profile, notes of proof, prizes received and the gastronomy with which it blends perfectly!

A distinct wine tourism

Julia Kemper wines want to be more than a brand of wine production and commercialization. In fact, we want to contact you and brighten your passion for viticulture and winemaking.

To do so, we will introduce you to a different wine tourism with wine programs, experiences and events taking place in our impressive wine cellar in Oliveira-Mangualde, Dão and/or our Embassy in Príncipe Real, Lisbon.

The wine shop

Our online store will become your favorite wine shop! There, you will have a comprehensive view of all our wines and their characteristics, and you can sort them by popularity, by average rating, by the latest wines and by price.

With an easy and intuitive navigation, we worked so that, in just a few clicks, you could achieve what you want and become a satisfied customer!


With so much to explore, start to discover and enjoy a world of excellent wines!

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