Organic red wine – Born of the respect for land and nature

Organic red wine is any red wine whose grape cultivation is strictly organic, and which obeys the sacred principle of organic agriculture, that is, which excludes pesticides or any other chemical product from planting to maintaining vineyards. Thus, organic red wine is created from red grape varieties whose cultivation respects the unique relationship that is established between all the players in an ecosystem, without chemical additives. There is only the soil, the environment, the climate, the surrounding fauna and flora and the human reading of how all this can work in the name of an exceptional wine. An organic wine.

Organic, biodynamic and natural

In the case of Julia Kemper organic red wines, two other no less important adjectives can be added: natural and biodynamic. A triumvirate of respect, which seals the commitment to non-aggression towards the environment and leaves everything to the pure dialogue between the elements and the knowledge of the land’s men. Only biodynamic grapes, those that result from organic viticulture which uses natural fertilizers and calls on indigenous insects as a shield against pests, for example, can favour the integrity of organic wine. Organic farming is of no use if chemicals are later introduced into the maintenance of the vineyard or the wine. This broader understanding, which accepts the land as an ecosystem of circular life, in which everything and everyone has an active and interventional role, at a given moment, is completed, in the case of Julia Kemper organic red wines, with the third adjective that remains to be mentioned: natural. What are called natural wines are all those that reduce to a minimum, or simply reject the use of any type of chemical additive or technological manipulation in the course of their entire production. For a wine to be properly designated natural, it must owe everything only to the land, the vineyard and the grape and little or nothing more.

Word of honor

When this partnership between the organic, biodynamic and natural designation does not occur, what happens is that you can have a cultivation that can be organic, or a natural wine or one that results of biodynamic grapes, but that, at any other stage of the process can be chemically manipulated, or undergo further interventions, while still being able to be referred to as biodynamic, organic or natural, but will it really be? Purists will say no and Julia Kemper understands that honesty, requires the rigors of serious people, like those who learned to work the land and respect the environment and pride themselves on knowing how to extract from a terroir the best flavour ever. That is why Julia can legitimately speak of her organic reds, because they really are, from the land to the cellar, because they are also natural and biodynamic, that is, really organic. The only truly visible and undeniable additive is the dedication and passion with which, in Dão, Land and Man dedicate themselves to the production of unique wines “in an authentic and truly felt way”, as Julia says.

The result are elegant organic wines, with delicious acidity, incredible texture and high quality, distinct, fresh and with an undeniable personality, recognized all over the world. Julia Kemper Selected Vines, Reserva Red, Curiosity Red, Touriga Nacional, Aragonez, JK Elpenor Red, JK Reserva Red and Syrah by Julia Kemper are proud and honored names among Julia Kemper’s family of noble organic red wines.

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