Organic wine – For the love of the earth

Julia Kemper organic wines do not come wrapped in trends or fads. They are created and governed by a conscious and holistic philosophy of commitment and respect. For people. For the land. For the ecosystem.

Organic, biodynamic and natural. These are powerful terms – and not inexpensive ones – for a certain know-how, one that combines human action with total respect for the environment. Better yet, a total understanding with nature. A holistic way of comprehending and accepting the universe and preserving ancestral methodologies that respect biodiversity and the slow but safe and healthy ways of producing and making it happen. No quick fix from chemistry, no anxiety from artificial control. Julia Kemper organic wines are the result of this pursuit of active and participatory balance, a tribute to the wisdom of the planet and the knowledge of mankind.

Julia Kemper goes further

Produced through sustainable processes and methodologies, Julia Kemper organic wines go further and combine with biodynamic agriculture – a practice that also rejects the artificiality of chemical formulas. Thus, the production process removes the need for herbicides, pesticides, additives or chemical fertilizers, and uses only ancestral knowledge and natural substances. Composting with weeds, grape marc and sheep manure from Julia Kemper’s own farm in the enchanted Dão region is the only alchemy permitted. Everything else is brought about by the insects and animals attracted to the vineyard using intelligent sowing, combining seeds adapted to the soil. All of this corrects the levels of organic matter in the soil and controls pests. This is farming that is friendly to the earth, the environment and humans, where everyone is called on to participate, including flocks of sheep going about their routine business.

These are natural wines, whose oenological processes do not require intervention, yeasts, artificial or chemical synthesis technologies. Wines created in Lagareta de Oliveira, a piece of the family farm’s paradise in Mangualde, whose vineyards have over a thousand years of history.

Closer to the grape, the earth… and heaven

The final product and the natural means to reach it are certified by their Bio origin. This certification provides the recognition and guarantee of the sustainability of the process, this commitment to non-aggression. There should perhaps be another, for the work of the skilled craftsmen employed on the land and in the vineyards, in recognition of the excellence of their meticulous craft. This certification does in fact exist, inside and beyond the master of this skill: in the wine of excellence that, year after year, results from their knowledge and the natural dialogue they know how to maintain with the land and the vineyard. This seal of approval is also passed on to consumers to whom it offers various benefits. It is a healthier wine, precisely because of the absence of additives and chemical compounds. Because it has not been subject to correction, it is also a wine that is not to be confused with others. It is denser, more palatable and easily identifiable by its dark colour. A wine closer to the grape and the land that made them possible. A wine closer to those with the necessary skills to produce it. This is also why we can say it is closer to heaven, if we invest in it a sense of full respect for life. You really must try them! Julia Kemper’s organic wines of course! Shall we taste them?

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