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Portuguese organic wines – The planet needs them, and wine lovers too

Portuguese organic wines represent only a small portion of the entire national wine production – a proportion reflected worldwide – but they open up a safe path towards a more sustainable future. Planet Earth says thanks!

Viticulture under organic rules

Organic wines are all those that, from the production of the grapes to their transformation in the winery, avoid any synthetic additive and reject synthetic chemistry, plastic and petroleum. That is to say that they are produced from a natural, organic, environmentally respectful agriculture, which rejects insecticides and pesticides. For many, the organic commitment stops here, but there are those who extend the concept to the winery, where the true transformation of the grape into wine takes place, without the use of other chemically handled additives. An agriculture with a biodynamic profile, guided by ancestral philosophies supported, today, by a more environmentally-aware science, committed to the balance and biodiversity of ecosystems. A vision in which Man allies himself with Nature, and in which cultivation and agricultural production are synonymous with care, love, intelligence and respect.


Secret agents on a possible mission

In the organic wine production process, Julia Kemper’s passionate commitment, science and ingenuity take the place of chemists. The harmful action of insecticides and pesticides, used in the prevention and elimination of pests, is replaced by natural processes. At Quinta do Cruzeiro, in Mangualde, everything follows natural principles, which imply a lot of knowledge and a sure hand. Mixed seedbeds, with a well-planned and well-suited cocktail of plants specifically adapted to the type of soil, help attract a diversity of animal species that promote disease control in the vines. In the lands of Dão, in Beira Alta, where all the magic of fertilization and bio protection happens, composting of bush, grape pomace and manure from the property’s flocks are secret agents on a possible mission. A task in which they are responsible for correcting the levels of organic matter in the soil and thus achieving natural balances. This, we can say, is a game of puppets handled by Man and guaranteed by Nature, in a climatic oscillation that in the Dão region is not to be dramatized, rigorous and temperamental. Because producing should never be synonymous with destroying or mismatching, much less contradicting the designs of the ecosystem that Julia Kemper focuses on preserving.

You can see all this and much more by scheduling a visit to Julia Kemper’s vineyards, in the Dão region – through one of the wine programs included in their wine tourism activities – where some of the most seductive Portuguese organic wines are produced.


It tastes good to protect the environment and the planet

The result is pure and good. Not only because it does not harm the environment, or unbalance ecosystems, where the human hand still insists, all too often, on being misused, but because organic Portuguese wines possess an unexpectedly high quality.

The extensive organic Julia Kemper wine list includes reds, whites and rosés. They are elegant wines, with an exceptional texture and a delicious acidity, which prove to be a festival on the palate. A profile that clearly demonstrates the skill with which Julia Kemper already is dominating organic wine production, resulting in purer aromas and flavours. Her knowledge is not exhaustive, however, which encourages constant learning and improvement of techniques and expertise. This is why Julia has never stayed still, but is always innovating and pioneering new processes and knowledge and adjusting them to biological, organic and vegan principles.


Not just organic, but also vegan

Julia Kemper organic wines are also vegan, as they do not use any product of animal origin, such as gelatine, egg whites or isinglass, often used in the wine clarification process. Limestone, kaolin, clay, silica gel, among other substances, are vegan alternatives for the same procedure. It takes longer, but is more natural, to wait for natural sedimentation, allowing time for all the small particles resulting from the transformation of the grape to settle by themselves – a guarantee given by the law of gravity – until a clearer and more crystalline wine is obtained.

Are you still curious? Satisfy your curiosity by tasting our organic wines in one of our spaces or go to our online store and enjoy them at home.


Julia Kemper organic vegan wine list

Red wine

  • Julia Kemper Vinhas Selecionadas
  • Julia Kemper Reserve Red
  • Julia Kemper Curiosity Red
  • JK Elpenor Red
  • JK Elpenor Reserve Red
  • Julia Kemper Touriga Nacional
  • Julia Kemper Aragonez
  • Syrah by Julia Kemper

White wine

  • Julia Kemper White
  • Julia Kemper Reserve White
  • Julia Kemper Curiosity White
  • JK Elpenor Blanc de Noir


  • JK Elpenor Rosé


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