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How to Choose the Perfect Type of Red Wine for Any Occasion?

There is a wide variety of red wines available on the market, each with its own unique characteristics that may or may not suit your palate. In this article, we are going to explore some grape varieties used in red wines, revealing their differentiating characteristics.


Touriga Nacional

Touriga Nacional is a variety originally from Dão, being considered among reds as the noblest variety in our country. Its wines are balanced, with excellent aging capacity and color concentration, distinctive floral and fruity aromas, fine tannins, intense flavors and volume. These are attributes that naturally emerge from the Touriga Nacional red wine variety, certainly one of the best red grape varieties in the world.


Tinta Roriz

The Tinta Roriz variety is considered by many as one of the ex-libris of the Iberian Peninsula. It results in red wines with soft tannins, intense color and aromatically complex, developing aromas of plums and wild fruits.

Since it is a red wine with great freshness, it is especially suitable to accompany meat with structure – such as roasted suckling pig (leitão à Bairrada) or oven-roasted sea bass.



It is in the Dão region that the Alfrocheiro variety has its greatest expression. It produces red wines with an intense garnet color, a fine and persistent aroma, with notes of red fruits. It features naturally well-defined tannins, which is reflected in very balanced red wines, with harmonious acidity and a long finish. Very gastronomic red wine, pairs well with red meat, especially game.



The Jaen variety has been cultivated in Dão, at least since the middle of the last century, being at that time one of the dominant varieties in the municipality of Mangualde. Its wines have a very fruity aroma, intense and delicate with the presence of blackberries and blueberries. It has a balanced structure, light acidity and little color expression. The character of its aroma and the persistence it leaves in the mouth make these wines unforgettable, especially when paired with grilled red meat.



The Syrah variety is, most likely, the most successful foreign variety in Portugal, as it easily adapts to different types of soil and climate. It produces intense red wines, with aromas of spices, black pepper and red fruits. A red wine with a full body and structure, with vibrant tannins and a very elegant, long and persistent finish. This red wine is ideal to accompany spicy grilled meats and cured cheese.


How to choose the perfect red wine?

Now that you got to know some red grape varieties, it’s important to know how to choose the perfect red wine for the occasion and personal taste. The first tip is to always consider the dish that will be served. As a general rule, a fuller red wine should be chosen to accompany red meat, and a lighter red wine to accompany fish and poultry.

Another important tip is to take into account the year the wine was harvested. In general, older red wines tend to be fuller and more intense, while younger ones tend to be smoother and fruitier. However, this can vary according to grape variety, region and winemaking process.


Choosing the perfect red wine can be a challenging task, but with the right information, it’s possible to find the ideal wine for any occasion and personal taste. By considering the varietal variation, vintage and dish characteristics, it is possible to choose a wine that will perfectly complement the meal and dining experience. With these tips, you’re ready to explore the world of red wines and find your favorite. Cheers!

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