A simple and practical guide about the types of wine

Don’t feel lost trying to read about the different types of wine – we’ll give you a hand! Learn about all your favourites in this practical guide with the various characteristics of each wine.

Wine is a sophisticated beverage, but choosing the right type for your taste can be a challenging task. To help you demystify the world of wines, we prepared a simple and practical guide with the most common types of wines. Let’s go!


Red Wine

Red wine is made from red grapes and may or may not be aged in wooden barrels. It is a fuller bodied wine with greater complexity than white wines. It has a great aromatic variety and intense colours. Red wines are usually served at room temperature and go well with red meats and strong cheeses.


White Wine

White wine is made from white grapes – in some cases, red grapes may be used to produce white wine – and is usually lighter, fresher and with higher acidity than red wines. It has fruity aromas ranging from citrus and peach to tropical fruits. It is served chilled and is great to accompany seafood, salads, medium matured cheeses and lighter dishes in general.


Rosé Wine

Rosé wine is made from red grapes, with reduced maceration time and/or light pressing of the red grapes. The result is a pink coloured wine, with a structure that is lighter when compared to a red wine and with more complexity than a white wine. It is served chilled and it is perfect to accompany light dishes and salads.


Sparkling Wine

The base sparkling wine is characterized by its lightness, low alcohol content and high acidity.The appearance of the much loved “bubbles” is due to the carbon dioxide gas that is naturally formed during the fermentation. Sparkling wine should be served chilled and, besides often being associated with festive celebrations, it goes perfectly with roast meat dishes with an intense structure.


Port wine

Port wine is a fortified wine, meaning it has a higher alcohol content than other wines. It is made in northern Portugal, in the Douro region, and is usually served as a dessert wine. It has very high persistence, both in aroma and flavor and a great diversity of sweetness and colours.


These are just some of the most common types of wines. There are many other varieties, such as Icewine, Madeira wine, fruit wine, among others.

With this basic information, you are ready to start exploring the world of wines and choose your favourites.

Remember that personal taste is what matters most when choosing a wine, so try different types and find out which one pleases you the most.

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