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What are organic wines and why should you choose them?

In our terroirs and in our Cellar, we are proud to produce wines with total respect for People, Earth and for the Ecosystem.

It was this respect that led us to opt for an agriculture without any kind of chemical, which guarantees the characteristic quality, elegance, natural acidity and incredible texture of Julia Kemper wines.

Have you never heard about organic wines or do not know exactly how they are produced? Find out in what this type of wine distinguishes itself and why you should try it!

Organic Wine: Certified Quality!

Organic wine is produced through sustainable processes which, therefore, are not considered harmful to the environment. In addition, in this natural production line, no additives or chemical fertilizers are used to increase the profitability of the product, although maintaining and even raising the quality of the wine.

The pioneers in the technique of organic wine production were the Americans, developing the first organic wines in the California region. Around here, we have found techniques that allow us to take advantage of everything that Dão has to offer, without harming its incredible ecosystem.

For this reason, in our vineyard, in Dão, we make compost piles of weeds, pomace and manure from our sheep every year, in order to correct soil organic matter levels. At the same time, we tried to homogenize the plots and seeded with mixtures of plant seeds adapted to the soil. With all this, we wanted to attract different species (insects and animals) to help us control pests and avoid diseases in the vineyard.

All organic products, including wine, that follow a sustainable production line receive a certification stamp. Our wines are certified for their Bio origin, however, what motivates us most is the ability to produce wine of excellence without harming the Human Being.

Why opt for an organic wine?

The organic production of wines aims to produce wines of high quality, but that respect the environment. As such, if you choose this type of wine you are contributing to a more sustainable consumption in your daily routine, in addition to taste wines with more intense and characteristic flavor and aroma.

In fact, organic wines are heavier, tastier wines and darker in color, because of the attempt to preserve the natural characteristics of the grape. This makes you feel an authentic explosion of flavors when you taste these wines, far superior to the wines of mass production with the use of chemicals.

In addition, because organic wines do not have any additives or chemical compounds added, they are much more beneficial to your health.


Discover the floral aromas and unmistakable flavor of the organic Julia Kemper wines. You certainly will not regret it!

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