Wine tasting After Dão, now also in Lisbon, by Julia Kemper

Wine tourism, wine meetings and wine tasting. Experiences that become divine and unforgettable when exceptional wines are combined with good conversation, stories and passion. For this reason, and much more, one name is a must for wine tasting in Lisbon: Julia Kemper Wines Embassy.

An experience that makes sense to all the senses

A wine tasting, or rather, a good wine tasting is a unique experience, which stays with you for life. It is, and so it should be, a happy meeting of a combination of factors: good wines, a willingness to learn things about wine, the land and the people who are dedicated to them exclusively, the wine tasting and, more than being an expert, being curious about new experiences. The discovery of all this involvement around wine, where tastes, history and a good conversation converge in a multi-sensory experience, are not unrelated to the new and growing interest in this world that is created simply from a bunch of grapes, on a plot of land,  that today attracts people of all ages. People committed to the simple pleasures of life, those who are attached to the fascinating immediacy of the senses, but who seek the reason for things. A new critical mass that appreciates organic production, that values ​​sustainable and biodynamic viticulture and that demands proximity to those who produce. Aware of the demands of this meeting of entities, of the need for a refined and favorable environment, Julia Kemper added her commitment to creating spaces designed exclusively for this purpose, where all this, and much more, was possible.

Anatomy of a passionate past

She started by opening a winery, in Oliveira-Mangualde, in the heart of the charming Dão region, which was officially demarcated in 1850. It all began here, in a family linked to wine and its production for centuries, an area which is now a reference point for elegant and exceptional wine tourism. A place of magic and alchemy where Julia Kemper wines are created and where traditional production processes are laid bare, side by side with the generous earth that makes everything possible. A place, also, of stories and passions, all of them, stitched into the familiar tissue and DNA, where blood and wine are not so far apart. A mandatory trip!

More recently, and aiming for a different, more urban profile, she extended the wine tasting experience to the Julia Kemper Wines Embassy, ​​in the historic Lisbon neighborhood of Príncipe Real, where the focus is on a proud representation of Dão, one of the demarcated regions that stretches back the longest into the past. A place that prides itself on its friendly approach, since it aims to welcome experts, the curious, customers and adventurers, in a warm environment where, alongside the tasting of the highly celebrated and award-winning Julia Kemper wines, you can also find out about her philosophy, her methods and processes and the love she dedicates to what she does. Good conversation, fueled by a shared passion for wine, accompanied by cheeses, typical ‘enchidos’(cured sausages) and many other Portuguese delicacies designed by the Embassy chefs. Satellites of enormous importance that revolve around wines selected from the typical grape varieties of the region, the main ones being touriga nacional, tinta roriz, alfrocheiro, jaen, malvasia fina and encruzado. That is why wine tasting in Lisbon is a must at the Embassy.

Toasting to life and friends

Best of all, the Embassy allows you to design events tailored to your needs. Meetings, wine programs and other private events, from corporate commemorations to birthday parties or engagement celebrations. Do you have an idea in mind or want something special? All you have to do is communicate it and the Embassy team will turn it into reality. Whatever the occasion or the purpose, the glass will always have the delicious acidity, freshness, elegance and unique texture of Julia Kemper natural and organic wines. As you are already thinking, our wines are irresistible!


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