Wine tasting – Life goes down better with a good glass in hand

We look forward to being able to savor life as it deserves. We want to go back to kisses and hugs, laughter and unmasking. We wish to be able to feel the complicit touch of affections again and to shorten physical distances. Although not everything is still possible in full, we can already touch the glasses and toast to new beginnings whose proximity is already starting to be unveiled.

We are optimistic and we know that the wisest thing is to know how to take advantage of each trial and see the good in any situation. What this bizarre interregnum has taught us is to take advantage of small pleasures and to reinvent ourselves and the world in which we live and that is necessary to create decompression rituals and breaks.

In this moment of first meetings, we suggest that you dedicate time to the delight of wine tasting in good company. Friendships that have been paused now require the same slowness and attention as tasting good nectar. Share opinions and feelings with adventure partners, friends of all hours, or colleagues with whom you join again, in a metaphorical experience that symbolizes the importance of affective bonds. No rush, so that the moment also takes its time on the palate.

Wine tasting, however, is quite democratic and allows the solo version, accompanied by an hot bath or a good book as your confidant. Everything is valid, as long as you stop, breathe, pay a little more attention to yourself and, of course, taste a good wine, the perfect companion at any hour.

Whatever the case, we suggest Dão, of course, the region from which all our gems originate, and we challenge you to guess, on the palate, the details of our wines’ tasting notes. Prepare yourself for moments of escape.

Wine tasting for…

… romantics and passion lovers

  • Julia Kemper Reserva Branco is said to be persistent, like a new love, or an old companion. Whatever the case, it sounds like a great conversation partner. Serve with salmon or mountain cheese.
  • Another possibility is the seductive Julia Kemper Vinhas Selecionadas. A complex, young red, with an intense red colour, balanced and fresh, resulting from the combination of Tinta Roriz, Alfrocheiro and Jaen, three of the main varieties grown in the Dão Region.
  • Add another grape variety, the iconic Touriga Nacional, to this combination and do a tasting of  Julia Kemper Reserva Tinto.
  • It is the colour of pansies, with rosemary and violet aromas, toast and coffee and is a prodigal son of the Touriga Nacional grape variety. Ideal for a toast to love. This is Julia Kemper Touriga Nacional.
  • It has that ruby ​​tone that we easily associate with passion and love and exhibits a certain glamour. Full-bodied, fresh and elegant, JK Elpenor Tinto combines forest fruits and bergamot. Shall we toast?
  • JK Elpenor Reserva Tinto is a wine with a velvety and round flavour, whose reflections of cherry and aromas of black plum, blackberry, bergamot and violet are a celebration of the affections we so much like to toast.
  • Julia Kemper Curiosity Branco seems designed to be shared by lovers, so we desire you to be together. Even if this is not the case, indulge yourself in tasting this elegant and enigmatic white.
  • A bold touch of pepper, some wild blackberries, a strong ruby-coloured personality. This wine goes well with cured cheese, red and spicy meats and romantic dinners. Surrender to Syrah by Julia Kemper, alone or in company.


… adventurers and sea lovers

  • Julia Kemper Branco is a return to the seaside. It’s true that it combines the familiar orange blossom with other fruits of the orchard, but it brings the freshness of pineapple and passion fruit that come from overseas. Maybe that’s why it goes well with fish and sea breezes.
  • Curiosity Tinto is another successful and highly awarded Julia Kemper wine adventure. An indispensable companion on special occasions.
  • JK Elpenor Blanc de Noir looks good on this list. Not only for harmonizing well with fish and seafood, but also for having an adventurous spirit.
  • Prepare a good seafood cataplana for two, a fish dish or a pasta of your choice. Open a bottle of JK Elpenor Rosé and dedicate yourselves to tasting this exceptional rosé wine.
  • Julia Kemper Aragonez reminds us of summer breezes and is a passport for days of sunshine and longing, like all those that are already offering us the hand of spring.

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