Wine Tourism in Portugal – Discover the Magic of the Dão Terroir

Experience unforgettable moments immersed in the Portuguese wine tradition, exploring the rich landscapes and authentic flavors of wine. Our winery in Mangualde, in the heart of Dão, and the embassy in Lisbon await to guide you on a unique journey through the universe of Portuguese wines, with a special focus on our production of organic wines.

Enchanting Cellars

In Mangualde, dive into the organic vineyards that tell stories of centuries, where winemaking tradition meets innovation. Our wines, carefully crafted, reflect the unique soul of this wine region. We proudly highlight the production of our organic wines, respecting nature and providing a unique experience.

Sensory Experience

Awaken your senses with carefully selected tastings that reveal the complexity of our organic wines, with exceptional acidity and delicate aromas. Their character, complexity, elegance, balance, maturity, and enormous aging potential reveal our passion for sustainable winemaking.


Lisbon Itinerary

In Lisbon, our embassy is an urban retreat dedicated to celebrating Portuguese wine. Participate in exclusive events, explore our selection of wines, and discover the magic of pairing with local delicacies, including the unique flavors of our organic wines.

Book Your Experience

Embark on this enchanting journey through the world of organic wine in Portugal. Book your visit to our winery in Mangualde or our embassy in Lisbon. Immerse yourself in Portuguese wine culture, where each bottle tells a unique story, and each visit becomes an unforgettable memory.

Experience the best of wine tourism in Portugal with us, where tradition meets modernity, and each glass is a toast to authenticity, sustainability, and the pure taste of nature.

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