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Vegan Wine has requirements at the oenology level. By coincidence of the oenology with which we treat our wines, we correspond to the exigency of this way of being, Vegan, and we decided, therefore, to accept that we are indeed Vegan … in our Wine!

Is with pride that we assume ourselves as a vegan wine brand from Portugal, producing wine that is a valid option for the vegan lifestyle, as well as the traditional one, as long as your goal is to enjoy the best flavors and aromas from the Portuguese wines, more specifically from the Dão region.


But isn’t all wine vegan?

Although it is known that wine is made from grapes, most are unaware that many of wines use products of animal origin.
During wine production, the wine is frequently subjected to the clarification process, this process aims to remove the “lees” that result from its production, adding a protein substance to the wine so that it absorbs them, thus helping the wine to stay clearer and without cloudy appearance.

For this process, it is common for several wine brands to resort to animal gelatins, egg whites and fish vesicles. However, there are vegan alternatives to this process, using: limestone, kaolin and clays, plant casein, silica gel and vegetable plates, as indicated by PETA.

Yet, there is a third option, the most natural option, which consists of allowing the sediments of the wine to settle naturally – in a time-consuming process, characteristic of organic production and which preserves all flavors and aromas of the wine and that makes them a vegan friendly wine.

If you want to find a wine that matches your vegan lifestyle, the organic vegan wines from Julia Kemper are a safe bet. Discover our vegan wine list below:



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