Frequently asked questions

Why is my taxpayer number required upon registry?

We ask for the taxpayer number because this number must be included in the bill of carriage that will accompany the order and is also required for the issuance of the invoice.

If I receive an order that is damaged what should I do?

JKW guarantees the good delivery of all your orders. On receipt of your order, please check that everything is in order with the package. If you detect any anomalies, please return the package to the carrier and we will start the process of reimbursing your money or replacing your order.

Can I get a different year for the wine that appears in the picture?

All items that are available at the JKW store, unless they are out of stock, will be replaced by the most recent harvest in case that has changed. In case the product is temporarily out of stock, the customer will be informed of this situation and may make the exchange for another product or be reimbursed of the total value paid.

In which parts of the country do you deliver?

In Continental Portugal​​.

Do I pay shipping charges to receive my order?

Deliveries are free of charge in Continental Portugal.

How long does it take to receive my order?

After payment of your order, JKW will proceed immediately with the respective packaging and shipment. The delivery will be made within 48 hours (business days).

Do the prices indicated in the online shop include VAT?

Yes, all prices shown include VAT at the legal rate.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, the minimum order is € 50.00 (fifty euros).

What are the payment methods accepted by JKW?

JKW accepts payments through ATM with a reference that is provided to you upon order; by credit card (via Paypal) and through a Paypal account.

Can I pay my order upon reception?

The order cannot be paid upon reception. JKW only accepts the payment methods described above.

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