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400 Years of History

Producing exceptional quality wine has been the heart of Melo Family for 400 years. This is only possible thanks to the extensive knowledge about wine production process, transmitted between the various generations of the family, and to a hard work and constant learning in search for the most effective techniques. To “Techné” joins an enormous passion and dedication to Oenology, to Dão region and to the cultivation of the land, which led to the recognition of Julia Kemper wines for their unusual quality, in Portugal and around the world.

The wines


Organic Wines

Respect for the Land, for People and for the Ecosystem is the mainstay of Julia Kemper wines production, which is based on biological agriculture. This is the only way we can produce organic wines of excellence!

Dão Wine Region

The Dão wine region, recognized in Portugal and worldwide for the fertility and quality of its soils, is one of the main Portuguese regions in gastronomic wines production, with incredible acidity of complex and delicate floral aromas.


The desire to share the passion for wine production with those who are also curious about this Art, has made us allied a differentiated wine tourism to wine production. However, our wine tourism is not only dedicated to all wine lovers! It is also for those who do not miss the opportunity to venture through Julia Kemper Wines world. For all of you, we present various wine programs, experiences and events at our Oliveira-Mangualde Winery, in Dão, or at our Embassy in Príncipe Real, in Lisbon.

The Vineyard

The extensive terroirs of the Melo Family, surrounded by forest and olive trees, fuse perfectly to form Quinta do Cruzeiro, in Oliveira-Mangualde. In the vineyard, there are stories and traditions to share, about a wine that has always been produced here.

The Family

Melo Family is a traditional Portuguese family, native of Dão. The Kemper’s enormous passion for its region of origin and for winemaking has been transmitted from generation to generation, consolidating knowledge and techniques for increasingly exquisite wines!


10 práticas na agricultura biológica

10 Practices in Organic Farming

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